The 2021 Cheer Ohio Camp Theme is:

🍭 The Sweet Escape 🍭



The 2021 Cheer Ohio camps are for Jr. High/Middle School and High School Cheer teams.

     No individual camper or All-Star team registrations accepted.


All 2021 camps will be held at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio. 

                  -  Facilities are all ai r-conditioned but dorms are not (and are not able to add individual units to rooms).

                  -  All dietary needs are available in their dinning hall.


Fees shown include all instruction, all meals (except lunch “on your own” on Check-In Day), sleeping room, and use of facility.

   3-day camp pricing:  $295/camper

   4-day camp pricing:  $335/camper



     AVAILABILITY:  If your first-choice camp is full:  OASSA plans to first honor any “Hold/Intent to Register” requests we received through Thursday, April 8th.   Spots which remain/become available after these schools submit their registrations/deposits (their payment deadlines vary by camp) will be made available to other schools on a first-come, first-served basis.  To ensure you secure a spot at a 2021 Cheer Ohio camp, we recommend that you register for the MAXIMUM number of cheerleaders you will have at the time of your registration.  Adjustments can be made later (NOTE:  It will be hard to ADD a cheerleader).  You may also contact Kelly Latham at to inquire about any “wait list” possibilities for camp dates which become available.


     HOW TO REGISTER:        


      Gather your paperwork * (rosters(s), coach info, payment info; please note registration session may "time out" due to prolonged inactivity.

      If necessary, coaches may initiate a registration record, select your camp date, and insert your estimated camper and coach counts in order to generate an “amount due.”  Your spot in camp is not guaranteed until your payment instructions are in place (see “Payment” below.)  You may then return at a later time to enter additional information (such as add a PO # when assigned, insert or amend roster info, etcFollow the prompts.) 

      Complete one online registration record for each school (treat HS and MS as two “schools” to ensure maximum # of free coach spots.)

                               For return access to your camp record, refer to the link in your registration confirmation email.

     TIP:  Have the following info available when setting up your registration record(s):                                                        

1.     School Name and Camp Date (treat your HS and MS teams as two registration records)

2.     Squads/Team categories: Varsity, JV, Freshmen (or any combo of); 8th Grade, 7th Grade, or Combo 7th/8th)

3.     Names of all student campers (First, then Last), Gender (M/F), squad assigned, and Grade level (Fall 2021)

4.     Names of all coaches (First, then Last), Gender (M/F), squad served, and contact info (cell and e-mail)

5.     Any helpful notes or Special Accommodations/Requests (medical needs or concerns, dietary restrictions, etc.)

      Coach Fees will be calculated for you, based on your camper count.   Fees (if applicable) are applied on a sliding scale, as shown below (note a change in your roster could also change any additional amount due for coaches):

     One free coach up to 19 campers

     20-35 campers 2 coaches free

     35+ campers 3 coaches free

      Each additional coach $265 for 3 day camps and $300 for 4 day camps.

     For supervision purposes, OASSA requires that at least one (1) coach/adult from each school attends with the campers. It is not necessary to send more than one coach regardless of the number of cheerleaders attending.


     PAYMENT:  We accept Booster checks, credit cards, and School Purchase Orders.  Please note your spot at camp is not guaranteed until we receive at least your deposit arrangement (see payment options below).  A PO shows us “intent to pay”; receipt of that PO # will clear you to attend camp, and OASSA will invoice your District Treasurer for you.  Payment in full (or PO #) is due 15 days before the start date of your camp.  

      There are two payment options for 2021:

     Deposit of $85 per student camper due during registration; no deposit required for additional coaches during initial registration.  Balance due for students + full amounts for any additional coaches (adjusted to reflect final roster counts) due 15 days before the start of your camp.

     Single-transaction “payment in full” when you register. Please complete the Payment section on registration form.   Must register/pay by 15 days prior to your camp date.

     Make checks and PO's payable to OASSA. Mail Checks to: OASSA, 8050 N. Hight St., Suite 180, Columbus, OH 43235-6484.

     You may also fax PO’s to:  614-430-8315 or e-mail them to Kelly Latham at


     REFUNDS:    Honored for requests received 15 or more days before your camp date.  Cancellations received less than 15 days prior to your camp date are subject to an $85 cancellation fee per camper or coach (to cover fees guaranteed to Ashland).


     CONFIRMATION:  You will receive the following emails after registration (check your spam/junk).

     Camp registration (recaps your registration details, camp date chosen, and coach/camper estimates and/or rosters).

     Payment receipt (confirms your form of payment and amount due/paid.  You can also use this form to request a PO from your Treasurer or as a Check Request to your Booster group or A.D.)



Registration Questions? Contact Kelly Latham, OASSA Cheerleading Coordinator at                    



8050 N. High St., Suite 180

Columbus, OH  43235


Fax: 614-430-8315