WHO may attend:  Only teams who qualified at any one of the five 2020 OASSA Regional Qualifier events.


WHICH States event will you attend: Determined by your category/event entered.
  • Saturday, February 29th (Pickerington North High School):
    • o All Dance events, Cheer Non-Tumbling & Cheer Game Day
  • Sunday, March 1st (St. John Arena; OSU):
    • o Cheer Building & Non-Building

WHAT you need:
  • ● Congratulations email(s) with CODE(s) (“Team ID”).
    • o IF you have multiple categories/events to register for, you will be able to “bundle” your registrations into ONE online session (registering once for all your categories/event). You will then receive one payment total at Check-out.
  • ● $17 per participant, per event/category.
  • TIP: Plan ahead – secure your PO # before registering if possible, or choose “PO process” if approval will be prolonged.

  • ● Purchase Order
    • o Invoices will be sent to your district when the PO# is provided.
    • o A PO # will suffice as a “timely payment” so you may compete.
  • ● Check (Booster/School checks accepted or Money Order)
    • o Please specify WHO is sending the check and WHEN.
  • ● Personal or school credit card.
    • o A payment confirmation email will be sent at the conclusion of registration.
  • ● You will not be permitted to compete if you do not send/make one of the payment arrangements above prior to your event date. Contact Kelly Latham for questions at klatham@oassa.org

YOU WILL RECEIVE Confirmation emails:
  • If you DO NOT receive these emails, you have NOT successfully registered.
    • o Event/category Registration Email (one email per event/category entered)
      • ■ Recap of your registration; event/category, coaches and team roster.
    • o Payment Type Confirmation
      • ■ Recaps payment method and amount due.
      • ■ SEND this email to your Athletic Department or School Treasurer to issue the form of payment.
    • o Final confirmation email titled “IMPORTANT!!! 2020 OASSA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT DETAILS”
      • ■ You have successfully registered for States when you have received this email!
      • DO NOT REPLY to the email. Email Kelly Latham at klatham@oassa.org if you have any questions.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 14th.

REFUNDS: Not permitted (exceptions made for injury/illness or mandatory school functions such as playoffs).

  • ● Only participants who appeared on your Regionals Roster as “Participating” (P) OR “Not Participating” (U) are eligible to compete at States.
  • ● You will be able to do the following:
    • o Amend any team members Participating (P) or Not-Participating (U) status (alternate/stand-by, injured/cleared, etc.) Use text box to provide any helpful notes. Non-Participants listed on roster may accompany team to State Championships at no charge.
    • o Add or delete a COACH’s name or update record (add or correct email or cell #).
    • o NOTE: You will NOT be able to add OR delete team members (participants or alternates.)
    • o Email Kelly Latham at klatham@oassa.org to correct spelling errors in participant names, remove a name if quit/moved, or other errors in your record.
      • ■ Help us produce an accurate State Championships Program & ensure happy team parents; please proof carefully!

  • ● Teams must compete in the category/event in which they qualified at their Regionals event.


Registration, roster and payment Questions? Contact Kelly Latham at klatham@oassa.org

Competition and rules Questions? Contact Denise Farnsworth at dfarnsworth@oassa.org

Congratulations on qualifying to compete at the 2020 OASSA State Cheer and Dance Championships! We’ll see you there!