OASSA Cheer and Dance Instructions for Registering




PATHWAY TO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS: Teams must attend and qualify at any one of the four OASSA Regional Qualifier events offered on February 2, 3, 9 or 10 in order to register to compete at the State of Ohio Cheerleading & Dance Championships to be held in Central Ohio over TWO weekends—on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Dublin Jerome HS (Non-Tumbling Cheer and all Dance categories) and on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at St. John Arena at The Ohio State University (Cheer Building and Non-Building, OASSA Divisions I-VI).


WHICH REGIONAL EVENT SHOULD I CHOOSE: Teams may attend any one event of the four 2019 Regional Qualifier events offered. You may attend outside your “home” region based on your schedule needs and travel abilities.


WHO MAY COMPETE: Varsity cheerleading and dance teams, with participants from Grades 9-12 only. Teams may combine to compete (i.e., members of the JV or Freshman teams may be combined with the Varsity team to create a “Varsity” competition team.) No all-star teams and no middle level teams/members are eligible to compete.


COST: $18 per participant, per event entered. Teams/participants may enter more than one event (no restrictions for cross-overs for 2019.) Coaches should create one “record” per cheer or dance event entered; totals provided at “Check-Out.” TIP:Plan ahead – the cost to enter the State Championships will be $17 per participant, per event.


PAYMENT: By Purchase Order, personal or school credit card, or check (money order or Booster check accepted.) Invoices will be sent to your district when PO # is provided and will suffice as timely “payment.” Payment confirmations will be sent at conclusion of registration (see below). You will not be permitted to compete unless your payment arrangements are satisfied prior to your event date. Contact Jeri Dill for questions JDill@oassa.org


DEADLINE: Teams must register by two weeks prior to your event date (for Feb. 2-3 events = by Friday, Jan. 18. For Feb. 9-10 events = by Friday, Jan. 25, 2019.) After that date, contact Jeri Dill for consideration JDill@oassa.org


REFUNDS: Not permitted (exceptions made for injury/illness or mandatory school functions such as playoffs).


ROSTERS: All team members must appear on roster as “Participating” (P) or “Not Participating” (U) (for Stand-by/ Alternate/Injured, etc.) Explain any non-competing members or special circumstances (stand-by as needed; injured or academic ineligible – awaiting clearance to compete, etc.) In order to compete at State Championships, all participants MUST have appeared on your Regionals Roster as a “P” or “U.” Be sure to include all coaches’ names and contact info. Injured or stand-by team members may accompany team at no charge if shown on roster. NOTE: The names you provide will appear in the State Championships printed program; check your spelling! To make corrections or changes to your Regionals Roster after registration, contact Jeri Dill at JDill@oassa.org


CHOOSING YOUR OASSA DIVISION: Events at the OASSA Regionals and the 2019 State of Ohio Cheerleading and Dance Championships will be divided into categories noted below and are based on the girls’ enrollment figures posted by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). OASSA reserves the right to reassign any team registered in the incorrect category. 

  • The Building and Non-Building Cheer categories will be separated into six divisions (I – VI).
  • Non-Tumbling Cheer – no separation at Regionals level. If 20 or more teams (total) qualify at the four Regionals, teams will compete at the State Championships on March 2 in either Division A (I, II and III) or Division B (IV, V and VI).
  • The dance categories are Jazz, Hip-Hop and Pom. NEW FOR 2019: No separation at Regionals level. If 20 or more teams qualify in a category (total) at the four Regionals, that category will compete at the State Championships on March 2 in either Division A (I, II and III) or Division B (IV, V and VI). Example: in Hip-Hop Div. A or Hip-Hop Div. B.


ALL CHEER AND DANCE TEAMS: To complete your registration, you must look up your school ID # and girls' enrollment figure to determine your OASSA Division (I-VI): http://officials.myohsaa.org/Outside/SearchSchool

     Div. I    540 and more girls                 Div. III   227 to 383 girls                         Div V   96 to 152 girls

     Div II    384 to 539 girls                      Div. IV   153 to 226 girls                         Div VI  95 and fewer girls


SELECT YOUR CHEER & DANCE CATEGORY/STYLE: Review the “Competition Categories” definitions found here: http://www.oassa.org/Websites/oassa/files/Content/6192070/OASSA_COMP_CATEGORIES.pdf


RULES: It is the coaches’ responsibility to ensure your State Championships routine follows the OASSA competition rules (“OASSA Rules and Regulations”). All Cheer teams (Building, Non-Building and Non-Tumbling) should follow NFHS guidelines. Cheer Building teams should also follow AACCA guidelines for building components. See OASSA website for links to rules. Dance teams should refer to the “Dance” section of the 2019 OASSA Cheer and Dance Rules and Regulations (OASSA’s dance rules are derived from—but not identical to--UDA’s 2018-2019 competition rules). Go here to review these rules: http://www.oassa.org/cheerdance .


Be sure to thoroughly read and understand the 2019 OASSA Cheer and Dance Rules and Regulations (Document #4 found on the Forms & Information” webpage): http://www.oassa.org/forms-information


QUALIFYING/JUDGING: No category placements will be awarded at the Regional events. NEW FOR 2019: Teams will receive a “Qualified” or “Not Qualified” rating. In addition, teams will receive a letter grade per judge from a judging scale, along with written notes that will assist in determining each team’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help to improve team’s overall performance. There are no quotas or set number of teams that may qualify per Regionals event site or event category. View sample Score Sheets at: http://www.oassa.org/forms-information


PENALTIES: Judges will not issue penalties at Regionals, but they will note concerns on score sheets so that teams will be able to correct routines before the team’s appearance at the State Championships event. Violations at the Regionals level which go unobserved/unnoted by the Regionals judging staff will not be the responsibility of OASSA if repeated at the State Championships level. Regional judges will watch for infractions and notify you if seen. However, please be sure you review the rules. If you have any questions, please contact Lenee’ Lagnese at: lenee@oassa.org


AWARDS: Each qualified team will receive a “State Qualifier” plaque at their OASSA Regional Qualifier Event. INFO:Trophies for all placements in each category will be awarded at the OASSA State Championships. Each member of each first-place State Championships team will receive an additional award.


CONFIRMATIONS: At the completion of your registration process, you will receive several e-mails, including:

--confirmation of event registration (one e-mail per event/category entered)

--confirmation receipt (your payment details)

--credit card receipt (auto-sent from processor, if paying via credit card)

--an email entitled “IMPORTANT!!! 2019 OASSA REGIONAL QUALIFIER EVENT DETAILS” which will help you prepare for your planned attendance at your selected Regionals Qualifier event site. 


COMMUNICATIONS FROM YOUR REGIONAL HOST COORDINATOR: You will also receive e-mail communications from your Regional event site’s Host Coordinator beginning about two weeks prior to your event date. “Host Coordinator” contact info will be provided during the registration/confirmation process.


TEAM PHOTO FOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS PROGRAM: If you would like a picture of your team to appear in the printed States Program, please e-mail it in JPEG format to Darbie Carlson at DCarlson@oassa.org IMPORTANT: If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation within 5 days of your photo submission, contact her via e-mail. Please do not submit team photos THAT INCLUDE BANNERS. The deadline to submit State Championships Team Photo is: Monday, February 11, 2019. EARLY submissions requested (if you don’t qualify, your photo won’t be printed.)


Registration Questions? Contact Jeri Dill at JDill@oassa.org


Competition Questions ? Contact Lenee’ Lagnese at lenee@oassa.org


Please visit the OASSA “Cheer and Dance” webpages often at http://www.oassa.org/cheerdance